Single installation in your DMZ

Positioned so your Layer 7 firewall can do its job.

Why the DMZ? Why not next to the equipment?

Most remote access products get plugged in next to the equipment of interest. That is a mistake; it means traffic flows through the packet inspection firewalls in an encrypted state - rendering the analysis useless. Dispel's uplink sits in the DMZ, so the traffic flowing to hardware inside the perimeter passes through your firewall in an analyzable form.

Who are you kidding? There is no DMZ here. Help!

This is not our first rodeo. We can design and deploy a full OT security stack and network for you. We might bring in help to do it.

I want hyper-segmentation. How does that work with this?

We whitelist from the uplink to the equipment. You can either stage firewalls behind each uplink, or treat it as a junction.

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