We care that the big machines stay safe

Our mission is to connect people to their industrial control systems, wherever they are. We do so through a product that is fast, easy to implement, and simple to use.

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What we're built on

Our technology makes us unique. Our values make us worth your time.

  • Bespoke

    We’ve automated away the busy work, not the support. Working with Dispel means a team that understands your unique deployment.

  • Transparent

    At Dispel, we’re open about all pricing, practice, and purpose. If you can’t find something you’d like to know, please call us at +1 917-268-4029.

  • Fast

    Our Operations Center has priority access to our engineering teams. If you have a problem, we stop everything to fix it.

  • No Nonsense

    Ever had the misfortune to buy from a vendor who constantly upsold or charged you fees on fees? We don’t do that here at Dispel.

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