New updates and improvements to Dispel.


Organization-Wide Single Sign On


Administrators can now enforce that all their users must sign in using single-sign on when logging into Dispel. Previously, users could sign in via SSO or a hybrid model where Dispel Privileged Access Management worked alongside an SSO platform such as Okta or Microsoft Active Directory. With this new update, admins can require that all users must use the organization's SSO provider to authenticate. This disables Dispel Privileged Access Management within the dashboard.

This allows your organization admins more control over user passwords, and can control who has access to the application from the dashboard of the SSO identity provider. With this, admins have centralized management of all their users and all types of users within their organization.

Bug Fixes and Updates

  • Fixed translations in Password Vaulting.

  • Fixed an issue with showing a success toast when an admin re-sends an invite to a member that hasn't accepted their invitation.