New updates and improvements to Dispel.


Group Access Windows


Group Access Windows

Access Windows are fast and safe way to allow users "just in time" access to your devices.

With the introduction of Group Access Windows, you can now create Access Windows in bulk and extend them to entire role based access control (RBAC) Groups.

Facility Level Groups

Groups, and the ability to use invite links to onboard users into them, are a powerful feature for management at scale. Previously, as Groups have the ability to span multiple facilities, these features were only available for organization-wide admins. With this release, we are launching the ability to scope groups and their invite links within a facility level, thus providing enhanced control and flexibility for admins who manage facilities, but not the whole organization. Facility-level admin who have control over even just a single site can now independently create groups, and generate invitation links attached to those groups to efficiently and securely onboard and manage their internal and vendor teams.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated our emails to include more local languages

  • Fixed a documentation link in the Nozomi Import feature

  • Cleared out old API routes to keep everything nice and neat

  • Added missing translations for the request access flow